Water efficiency reviews - our WER service 

Reducing the consumption of water has benefits for all of us. These can be achieved in many ways and our WER service is specifically about reducing water use through better practices and by using water-efficient equipment. Our reviews cover:

- water used for manufacturing purposes (e.g. heating, cooling, processing)

- water used for domestic use (e.g. canteens & toilets) 

Regardless of the size of your company or organisation Blackwell Water Consultancy Ltd can help you reduce consumption of water. If you have a water meter this can significantly reduce your bill and it helps preserve supplies for everyone else.

Our experience of water efficiency reviews covers small businesses with a single premises to large and complex manufacturing sites. We've worked on sites as diverse as:


- hotels, pubs and restaurants

- council and commercial offices

- chemical and petrochemical sites

- pharmaceutical sites

- food processing & manufacturing companies

- cosmetics manufacture


- landfill and waste recycling sites

- hospitals and other NHS buildings

- leisure centres

- high street shops

- schools

- holiday parks and caravan sites



The scope of our water reviews

Our scope, quite simply, covers every aspect of water use on your site. If you're a manufacturer, we can review only the domestic water use (for example in your canteens and toilets) or just the water you use in your manufacturing processes (including heating and cooling). For a full view of water use we recommend that both areas of water use are reviewed together.