Rainwater harvesting

We all know how much rain falls in the UK. Much of the rainwater that falls in this country ends up in the sewer system even though it is relatively clean. To reclaim as much of this resource as possible many companies of all sizes are now considering rainwater harvesting. This simply means that as much rain as possible is directed to a storage facility from where it can be distributed for duties such as flushing and washing. In effect, rainwater harvesting is like installing a very large water butt of the type you may have in a typical garden.
Blackwell Water Consultancy Ltd can carry out detailed feasibility studies about all aspects of rainwater harvesting, regardless of the size or nature of your industry. 

How it works and what we do

As for our water efficiency review service, our rainwater harvesting feasibility studies take place in three stages.
Stage 1
After the initial contact with you we'll visit your site and discuss your needs
in as much detail as possible. We'll send out a a questionnaire beforehand
to show you the information we need to get started. 
When we've assessed what information you've got we'll give you our view about how feasible (practically and financially) we think rainwater harvesting is for you and we'll talk to you about any gaps in the information you've got. We will never try to sell you a service you don't need and if, at this stage, rainwater harvesting is not suitable for you, we'll tell you. Our business will then be concluded with no cost to you.
Stage 2
If rainwater harvesting is viable for you we then move into the detailed feasibility study.
We can assess your premises and:
  • estimate how much rainwater you could collect
  • identify where it could be re-used 
  • develop a preliminary design for a rainwater harvesting system
  • determine the financial implications for your business
  • put you in touch with suppliers of rainwater harvesting equipment
  • act as liaison to ensure your needs are met at all times
  • project manage supplier selection on your behalf
  • supervise construction, commissioning and hand-over

Rainwater harvesting equipment can qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) which are UK tax allowances that can be claimed on the cost of buying this type of system. ECAs can also cover other costs such as installation, commissioning and ancillary equipment such as pumps.

Blackwell Water Consultancy can help make sense of this and relate it specifically to your business need.

Stage 3

Everyone needs clarity when considering this type of project. We will summarise all our work in a succinct report that covers every aspect of rainwater harvesting as it applies to your situation.