How it works


Once you've spoken to us about what you'd like to achieve from a water efficiency review, our work usually proceeds as follows:


Stage 1

We'll visit your site and: 

  • look at how and where you use water

  • check the types of fittings you have

  • review the state of pipes and valves

  • check the types of fittings you have

  • assess the size and age of boilers

  • review the operation of all parts of your site where water is used

  • speak to staff on site who are the "key water users"


    Stage 2

    Once we've got a good understanding of how you operate we will:  

    • analyse your water bills and the tariffs your water company uses to charge you

    • review the design of your water supply systems

    • analyse your bills and the tariffs

    • compare your water consumption to our database to give a benchmark

    • develop an outline plan to help you reach best-practice

    • prepare a full financial analysis showing the pay-back period

    • how incentives such as Enhanced Capital Allowances can help