About Us

Our Technical Director is David Brydon who has 25 years' experience of water and wastewater engineering and customer support. David has worked for two of the largest water companies in the UK, is a chemical engineer and has postgraduate qualifications in areas as diverse as mathematical modelling and project management. David's experience includes:
- reducing water consumption & trade effluent costs

- supporting customers in a wide range of industries

- identifying how customers can recycle and reuse wastewater

- estimating capital and operating costs

- developing data collation and analysis systems

- designing & optimising water, effluent and wastewater treatment processes

- using statistical techniques to optimise process operation

- the analysis of failure rates and using this to develop expenditure plans

- the design and operation of high purity water treatment plant

You can find out more about David's background, including recommendations from former colleagues and clients, by following this link to LinkedIn.

Our Affliations and Insurances


Blackwell Water Consultancy Ltd has Professional Indemnity Insurance cover of £1m and Public Liability Insurance cover also of £5m.


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